21 Apr

The path of necessity is easy, the path of the desire to reach the divine good is much more difficult and therefore the path of mediation is and can also be very difficult.

The chatter that exists in your mind is that of the ego that flows as an energy between your mind and your body. This is your unconscious voice that exists deep within your unknowing and uncaring self. To know the ego exists only through the voice of the darkest of angels is to know that your inner voice is designed to trip you on your path through life to never reach the divine good that exists within in you.

Through the ego, the angels of darkness create the “I” or the “self”. This is the false mask that they create for you to wear and react to the outside world, and in time you begin to believe this mask is truly you. Without you understanding and taking control of your ego, to know how you think, feel and to see your true light shine bright for others, your ego will create a sense of false self importance, self-esteem, self-image and your feelings will become unbearable in time.

Meditation will allow you to take control of the complete person, comprising of your body, mind and soul.

The mind is a powerful tool that is designed for one reason only, “to create”. Everything within you and around you has been created with the power of the mind, and so if you do not take control of your mind then your unconscious mind (i.e. the dark angels), will only create negativity and sadness throughout your world. The creation of this negativity is the absolute goal of every dark angel that exists within your world.

Your thoughts and your ideas are born from within the mind and birth is the greatest creation known to humans. So you must be absolutely clear about your inner voice and how it shapes your world.

The greatest awareness to have about the mind is that it is constantly in evolution, it is growing in knowledge and creating a flux of energy of thoughts that you cannot hold for more than a few second at a time as they are constantly changing creating your vision of the world and even effecting your five senses of look, sound, taste, smell and feel.

This change in your thought patterns effect your energy levels as you grow older. Without the higher self control of your mind, your energy levels become slower as you fall further under the control of your subconscious mind that the angels of darkness control and they slow you down by making you more accustomed to life and delve you deeper into your darker side of failures and pains that you have experienced in your life.

To have a realisation of this enlightened self is to understand that this does not mean you stop living but instead you should grow the power of your conscious mind of who you are and how you have to change and will continue to do so throughout your lifetime. From the day you are born to the day that you die many concerns, worries, arguments and moments of happiness will pass through your mind. The majority, if not all, will be created and controlled from your unconscious mind.

Meditation allows you to drop the ego and begin to take control of yourself. If you are going to begin helping others to find happiness and peace then you must begin by healing yourself and having a greater conscious. This means taking control of your mind and not allowing the dark angels of this world to take control of you to a road of suffering and pain.

Meditation bridges the gap between your body, mind and your real self (the soul) so that your ego, the dark angels, will no longer know how to respond. With meditation you will look deep into “the self”, yourself, and strengthen your greatest minds power of love and compassion to heal yourself, strengthen yourself and most importantly be a shining light for others in your world.

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